RD Hoop Source Academy Summer Camps: Detroit Pershing alumni/ 8 yr. pro baller Ronald Dorsey returns home for a FREE- 3 day basketball camp at LEGACY CHARTER ACADEMY.

@rdhoopsource and partners have decided to make this event a FREE CAMP for the kids in Detroit. We’re seeking support from our community, businesses and individuals to help out to make this camp a huge success! (LETTER & FLYER ATTACHED) Thanks Coach Dorsey

All donors will be posted and updated. $50 from forty sponsors is our goal. 

PayPal link:


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T-Shirt Sponsors: @moneyballsportswear

Free for the first 50 campers to sign up. Boys & Girls/ Ages 8-15yrs old

T-Shirts & Meals Included

TIME: 3:30pm to 6:30pm


4900 E Hildale St.
Legacy Charter Academy (Detroit)